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Grote Guitars Review 7 string arch top

So I was looking for the impossible. A beater 7 string jazz box I could take on vacation, on planes, leave at my music school Do I ask for the impossible? I presently own 2 arch top guitars. Both… Continue Reading →

Robert Burton’s “Left Handed Christmas”

So I have released my first CD, my first solo recording and my 1st Christmas album all in one fell swoop. “Robert Burton’s Left Handed Christmas” is a collection of lesser known seasonal songs. Some Clarifications By 1st CD I mean… Continue Reading →

Spring is here and it’s the season of quitting!

Spring is here and in the music lesson business that is not always a good thing. On one hand it is a great feeling when the snow melts and the bird chirp and (at least here in Winnipeg) you don’t… Continue Reading →

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