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So, you are thinking of having professional musicians play at your wedding. Great and fairly unique idea.

With live music your wedding can go something like this:

The musician(s) are set up and ready play to the left of where the bride, groom and wedding party will be for the ceremony. They play calming music starting 20-30 minutes before the scheduled start of the wedding. They play while family and friends find their seats. The music welcomes them to your special day. The music helps the early arrivals feel less awkward. The music will add beauty and class to your beautiful day.

On cue the music stops, the officiant makes a short announcement and (again on cue) the musician(s) play the processional(s)

The processional can be one long one where Just the bride and attendants make the walk. Sometimes it include parents and sometimes it is everyone.
On occasion, we get requested to to play multiple processionals. One for the parents one for the ring bearers one for the grooms, etc. This can be a good idea if there is a long walk for each group and they walk slowly. Usually the walk is short and excited people tend to walk fast. In these cases we find that that multiple songs are a bad idea. We’ve barely started song one when we need to change music and there can be awkward silences. Better to have one song played to completion

At the 2/3rds point is usually the signing and usually music is played here.

The Bride and Groom are now introduced as Husband and Wife. After the applause the recessional is played.

With us you can have the music of your choosing. Any song can be made into a wedding song. Songs with lyrics can be made instrumental. Songs with lyrics can be sung for your wedding.

You can make requests of what songs you want for your processional(s) signing, mid-ceremony music and recessional.

If needed we can also then play your cocktail hour and/or dinner

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