Whether you live around the corner or around the world, you can take drum set and percussion lessons with us.

The advantages are many. If you are local to the Winnipeg area, you can:

  • Come in person to your lessons.
  • You can pick and choose to come to some and do video on other classes.
  • If you want you can take all your lessons via video.

The first two suggestions are great if you live near our Music schools in River Heights and Tuxedo. These areas include easy drives from; Whyteridge St. JamesCharleswoodLinden Woods Bridgwater and Crescent Wood.

Live in Winnipeg But not Near to us?

The 2nd and 3rd suggestions are perfect for those who live inside of Winnipeg’s perimeter, but not it the above areas. Those living near Transcona, Southdale, St. Vital, St. Boniface any of the Kildonans could come to their in person when the weather was fair and take the virtual lesson when it suited them.

Only in Winnipeg once and a while?

Many people from inside Manitoba but outside of the Winnipeg area come into the city regularly but not weekly. Think about coming to town and having a music lesson while here and get the balance of them at home!

No Drum Lessons in your town?

This is where the video music lesson really shines. You can live basically anywhere in the world and take lessons online. But, instead of taking lessons from someone who got pressed into it because of the pandemic related shut downs, you can have your lessons with a professional player and educator with over 3 decades of experience!

On top of that, we use the equipment available for internet music lessons, so your lessons are crisp and clear!

Our lessons can come in one of these forms.

Live Zoom lessons with demonstration, detailed instruction, questions and answers AND I record the lesson, along with a separate bass drum and high hat view camera (seeing the feet exclusively) and send the files to you.

Another option is video exchange. It can start with an email or video request about a concept or a pattern you want to learn. I send you a video of my 2-camera performance and detailed ‘how to’. You respond with a video version of your progress and any questions. I can then offer answers or critiques.

A third option is lessons delivered to your in-box. I prepare content for you to work on your own.

You Can See and Hear the Lessons Clearly

Only state of the art audio and visual equipment is used to give you the best possible ‘virtual lesson’ I can.

Located in the central time zone of North America and able accommodate lessons from almost anywhere in the world.