Yes we have electric guitar lessons. When you take electric guitar lessons, your guitar is all you need to bring. We have amps and cables at the ready!

If you already have an electric guitar you can start lessons anytime. The notes are in the same place as on an acoustic guitar. If you are trying to decide between electric and acoustic, here are a few things to consider.

Cost of Electric vs. Acoustic

If you have $300 to spend, 100% of that can go towards an acoustic guitar (we recommend a Nylon Strung ‘classical’ guitar in the appropriate size). If you want to go with an electric you have to split the cost between a guitar and an amplifier.

Ease of Play

It’s no great secret than an electric is easier to play versus an acoustic guitar but that ease of play comes with a price. Overly applied pressure on those thin strings can make an in tune guitar sound out of tune. The narrow necks on some models of electric guitar make hand position less critical but instill very bad habits that will inhibit playing in the long run.

Holding vs. Balancing the Electric Guitar.

We have found that younger guitar students have a real tough time holding and balancing a guitar that is a solid body electric . A strap can help but they just don’t make them short enough to help a small sitting child. So this type of student ends up hold the guitar with both hands which, combined with the guitar’s constant slipping, makes playing the guitar almost impossible.

To Sum Up

In short, the electric is fine for the older beginner and the already experienced but a lesser choice for the new, young and smaller budding guitarist.

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