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The Djembe (Gem-Bay) is a hand drum with its origins in West Africa. A drum of many sizes and with many sounds. These sounds are made available by striking different parts of the drum head and with different parts of the hands. It has become a great hand percussion instrument for everything, from large concerts to a campfire sing along!

While learning to play this most popular of hand drums in a “Drum Circle” is a fun social experience, we have found that private lessons work best. If you want to play a djembe outside of a drum circle (like with a singer or guitarist) you need to get past the ‘right hand-centric’ nature of the group drum lesson.
Djembe Lessons are available to students 5 and up. For Kids and Adults. Whether they have music experience or not
While you can study the djembe all year if might work better to as part of a percussion study including the Cajon and Bodhran. That or a or a 6 week session on just the Dejembe.

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