I am splitting my posts about gigs over a few sites depending solely on relevance. Doing a post per gig is time consuming and so I need to get caught up. Normally all solo gigs got to my robertburtonwinnipeg.ca site, gigs with my wife the theburtonsjazz.ca site, wedding gigs to winnipegweddingmusic.com site and ensemble gigs right here.

Rain Rain Go Away

Summer is the time for weddings. Summer is also the time for outdoor weddings. My only wish for theses events is that it is either a blue bird day or a torrential downpour. Anything in between and the bride still thinks it is good to go.
I never knew how set in there way a bride could be till I played an event in the rain (Someone held an umbrella over me) while elderly, slow moving guests with walkers, wheelchairs and boot scooter got drenched.

For this wedding the emails were flying back and forth clinging to the idea I would play out in the rain. By the time I got there they had decided they were doing it inside (they never told me).

Unfortunately, all that talk and worry about playing outside,the complications of there being no electrical source, etc. had me bringing too much unneeded gear. I brought a chair to sit on, a battery powered amp as well as an indoor amp. I brought too much? Well I forgot a guitar!

First time in my entire career. Luckily, even though I was in Gimili and it was a 2 hour + return trip and the wedding was in 45 minute, I got my, now driving age, son to meet me halfway. I was only minutes late for the ceremony and the bride (as always) wasn’t on time.

One new policy I am adopting though is to not allow wedding planners or their assistants to stand near me while I am playing. I started with the groom’s processional and I had some slip of a girl telling to stop and play the bride’s song.

Time Stand Still

I do requests for ceremony music. They requested two tunes. One was a forgettable Ed Sheeran tune and the other a tune by Rush. If you know the band you know their music is super hard to play. Even harder to do solo guitar.

To put this tune together was both a labour of love and also just plain labour. I had to figure the parts, write a chart, create an arrangement and practice the piece for a few months. I even took a guitar and head phone amp to the UK!
To have someone who knows nothing tell me to stop 4 bars in!
I was so pissed off I went home and recorded a version of it for posterity.

Time Stand Still – Solo Guitar

Solo Guitar at the Hotel For Garry

Later that week it was time for my monthly solo spot in the Palm Lounge inside the 100 year old Hotel Fort Garry

Double Header Weekend

Not often do I have two gigs the same weekend. Mostly by design. I only have 3-5 gigs on the average month and I’d rather they were one per week verses, 2 this week and none the next two then 2. Mostly it gives my hands a break (particularly on weekends where I have a 3-4 solo guitar gig)!

The Burton’s Jazz at Prairie Ink

Outdoor Concert

Sept 22nd had us doing an outdoor concert at the St. Andrews Rectory National Park In Selkirk. I signed up to do it on a whim as the money wasn’t great. I convinced my wife to sing.
While the money wasn’t good we did sell CD’s and it was real nice to play to people listening with both ears AND applauding verses the usual people talking while we play and not applauding (or clapping very little)

More Solo Guitar Anyone?

Come the Long Weekend I am back at the Hotel Fort Garry doing Solo Jazz Guitar.

A little while later we were at the Resto Gare Restaurant in a trio format. With the rain not only where we NOT on the patio, but neither were any patrons. This meant we had a good crowd inside and listening!

New Venue For Me

That Saturday I got a fairly last minute gig at the Airport Hilton. Why our little airport has two hotels and why our ‘not on anyone’s bucket list’ city has so many hotels is a mystery to me. Someone’s 60th birthday party and retirement. What was nice was they treated me very well and there were a lot of semi and amateur musicians.

Playing for musicians means playing for music appreciators!

They also gave me a very generous tip to close out the event.

Alright that is everything from when I got back from the U.K up till now.

Be well everyone!

River Heights Music
2025 Corydon Ave. #202
Winnipeg Manitoba R3N 1P5