If you know anyone who plays the guitar, it is almost guaranteed they started on an acoustic guitar. They may also have tales of how hard it was to play that first guitar. Hours of pain ‘paying their dues’ on a guitar with high action and steel strings!

Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t let those tales of blisters and pain deter you! Like those tales your parents told you of walking to and from school uphill both ways, tales of bleeding fingers blamed on guitars are probably an exaggeration.

First off; budget steel string guitars of yesteryear were just terrible. In a strange twist of economics, today’s student model guitars haven’t increased in price in any significant way while the quality, sound and playability have increase exponentially!

What Guitar to Buy

I can give you all the nuts and bolts in this article, but bottom line, the first guitar you should purchase is a nylon string guitar. If you are an adult or older teen you should buy a full sized guitar. If you are a kid then a 3/4 sized guitar is the ticket. While the steel string acoustic is probably the most popular guitar to buy and sell, trust me when I say you want to start you or your child on an classical guitar. You don’t have to play classical guitar on a nylon string instrument that is just one of its common names

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