I recently got this guitar. I have owned the Multiac with synth access (through the amazing RCM pick up) for over 2 decades. It had fallen into disuse because it only has the normal 6 strings. So when I saw this was a thing I decided to move quickly. It seems in the 7 string world if something comes along of interest, he who hesitates is lost. I missed out on Ibanez‘s 2 forays into steel string acoustic 7’s and Rondo Music‘s foray into 7 string telecasters.

This guitar comes with 2 pickups from Fishman. One is the standard under saddle and the other is a contact transducer on the sound board. You can blend these as well as use them exclusively from each other. As well you can shape the high mid and low with the built in eq.

The Review

The guitar I received was a great playing and sounding instrument. the finish was a little funky but as I had no other models to compare (custom order) I assumed it was the way it was. When the stock battery died the assembly fell apart when I removed it and I had to solder a new one in place. Eventually (as I became more familiar with it) I found the intonation quite off. Particularly on the upper strings where one is most likely to play that high on the fret board.

Warranty Engaged

I called Long and McQuade to start the process of getting this thing replaced. They mean well but I am telling the guy a mere set up will not fix this. It has a fixed bridge (like any nylon string guitar) and as it was flat I also noted that the saddle was compensated as far forward as it will go. Anyways he insisted I bring it in for my free set up.

In less that the time it takes to write this, they had it ready. I went in and the note said “This guitar cannot be fixed and the saddle is as far forward as it will go….etc.etc.etc.” But they did a ‘set up’ on it anyways with new strings…what a waste!

Now it was time to truly engage the warranty. While I have denigrated the store a little here, they (and Godin) really came through and a new one from Quebec, in my hands in 6 days!

Any ways since purchase and replacement I have used this guitar like crazy. Solo guitar and ensemble gigs mostly jazz but some pop songs etc. I love it and highly recommend it.

Here is a video of it in action. The volume is low as I was also figuring out a new amp.

River Heights Music
2025 Corydon Ave. #202
Winnipeg Manitoba
R3N 1P5