There is a Nordic themed spa here in Winnipeg. It is designed to work well in cool and cold weather so, during the warm weather they have live music. I have played there 4 times in the last two years.

Thermëa Spa treats us well and the guests really seem to like it. On this occasion we were playing outside in pretty heavy winds that were more than a little distracting at times. But it was warm and we were prepared with clips and eye wear!

As we do it as a voice and guitar duo, I bring a little extra gear in the form of my Boss AC-30 and GT-6 (looper and efx pedals) as usual, we bring our  Bose L1 System 2 and we can fill any space (even outdoors).

As it wasn’t a strictly jazz gig, we played more (maybe all) of our popular music repertoire.

Overall it is a fun gig and can’t wait till next year!