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Worst Festival Ever!

Just when I think the local jazz festival can’t get any worse, any farther from their mandate or be any less competent, they lower the bar. Last year it was the famous ‘pay musicians in exposure’ debacle that the Musicians… Continue Reading →

Jazz Duo at Prairie Ink Restaurant McNally Robinson Winnipeg

September 14th was time for our monthly gig at McNally Robinson Booksellers here in Winnipeg. Other musicians were busy or out of town so the Trio needed to be a duo. With the help of my trusty RC-50, we could… Continue Reading →

I Bought a New Amp

SO back when I had a bunch of solo gigs in a row, I finally grew tired of dragging my 60lb Yamaha amp around. Don’t get me wrong, it has served me well for 30 years. Never needing the shop… Continue Reading →

September Long Weekend Duo Gig At Winnipeg Airport.

If you remember from last month I did 3 solo guitar gigs at the Winnipeg airport. This month, I started with a duo gig at the same place. On the Monday of the Labour Day Long Weekend me and Larry… Continue Reading →

Jazz Duo at Thermëa Winnipeg

There is a Nordic themed spa here in Winnipeg. It is designed to work well in cool and cold weather so, during the warm weather they have live music. I have played there 4 times in the last two years…. Continue Reading →

4 solo Guitar gigs in 5 days!

After landing back in Winnipeg (after 2½ weeks in Newfoundland and Toronto) I played 2 private functions in 2 days. The first was a 60th birthday and the next was an outdoor wedding. It is a 4 hour gig for… Continue Reading →

New Gig Post up

I have updated the blog on my personal site. The last two posts are about gigs one solo guitar one about a trio gig. The second post has video. 

NoJazz Winnipeg 2018 Festival

Just in case you don’t want to read the whole article: Still has hardly any Jazz. Still has hardly any International or out of town Jazz. Still loses money while claiming pop acts pay for the jazz. Still has a… Continue Reading →

New Posts Up

I have spread my blogging over several sites. This site will still see some of my general gigs reports and stuff on music locally but Tales of my wedding gigs can be found at Exploits of me and my fly… Continue Reading →

Jazz Studies Professor Leaves Under a Very Dark Cloud

So the jazz studies head at UofM went on leave in 2016 and retired in 2017. Prior to that, his “DIG!” magazine went under. After the retirement,  the summer jazz camp was cancelled and all references to him where stripped from… Continue Reading →

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