My Name is Robert Burton and I am guitarist. and I play a fairly unique style of guitar

  • 7 string guitar.
  • A jazz background.
  • My 7th string is tuned to a B rather than an A
  • I play mostly solo guitar
  • Not just jazz

Experienced and Qualified Teacher

Over the years I have developed a style of playing that is unique and yet highly teachable. It helps that I have a music degree and I have been teaching for over 3 decades. While you can get guitar lessons, jazz guitar lessons and even solo guitar lessons almost anywhere, my singular approach might be right for you.

Pick the Option Best For You

My lessons can come in one of these forms.

Live Zoom lessons with demonstration, detailed instruction, questions and answers AND I record the lesson, along with a separate side angle camera (seeing my hands and guitar neck exclusively) and send the files to you.

Another option is video exchange. It can start with an email or video request about a concept or a tune you want to learn. I send you a video of my 2-camera performance and detailed ‘how to’. You respond with a video version of your tune and any questions. I can then offer answers or critiques.

A third option is lessons delivered to your in-box. I prepare content for you to work on your own.

You Can See and Hear the Lessons Clearly

Only state of the art audio and visual equipment is used to give you the best possible ‘virtual lesson’ I can.

Located in the central time zone of North America and able accommodate lessons from almost anywhere in the world.

Not just for 7 stringers

Don’t worry, even if 7 string is not your thing, I am more than happy to show you solo guitar arrangements you can use on 6 string as well.


I’m finding your teaching very easy to follow, and it is enabling me to be playing the tunes in a much quicker time than I could ever have expected!  So I’m very happy to learn tunes that are easier to pick up, so I can build repertoire on the 7 string.
Richard Hopper Oxford England

I have been an adult student for over five years, and have been instructed by Rob on electric bass and guitar in that time. The instruction has been top-notch, and because of Rob’s wealth of real world professional experience as a musician across all genres and settings, he has been able to teach pass on the wisdom of that experience. I would recommend him to anyone seeking to learn.
Paul Shirtliffe

“Our son has been taking guitar for 5 years at the school. It’s a welcoming atmosphere and the instruction is top-notch. Our son is excited to attend his lessons..except when he hasn’t practiced enough…as Rob doesn’t let him off the hook and works him harder…Great place to learn and grow in skill.”
Patti Johanneson

My son has been taking guitar lessons for 5 years with Rob and he has had learned so much. Rob has not just taught him how to play, but also a lot about the instrument itself and why things work. Rob has given helpful advise as we looked at purchasing new instruments.
Jenny MacVicar

You can choose the single hour or buy a block of 4 1 hour lessons

Live Zoom Lessons

Video Promo