Learn to Record your music or the music of others.

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Recording programs, DAWs, USB and FireWire inputs. Mixing consoles, microphone placement, mixing and mastering, beat creation, etc. these can seem pretty intimidating. Especially when doing it on your own. Even installing the software can be frustrating. Worry no more because we offer private recording lessons right here in Winnipeg!

We can start you off even if you own zero recording equipment. We can help you pick out the right capture device, recording software, microphones, help you decide whether you need a stand alone unit, a laptop, a desk top or tablet recording platform, etc.

We can teach you how to record bands, vocals, rappers, choirs, etc. We can show you how to use MIDI, softsynths, sequencing, etc..

Winnipeg Recording Lessons

River Heights Music
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Winnipeg Manitoba
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