7 string guitar and voice at McNally Robinson Winnipeg

September 14th was time for our monthly gig at McNally Robinson Booksellers here in Winnipeg.

Other musicians were busy or out of town so the Trio needed to be a duo. With the help of my trusty RC-50, we could have some light drums and a bit of looping to fill out a few songs along the way. I still rely on my solo guitar skills but it is a nice change for the audience as well as my hands to switch it up.

Live Looping Winnipeg

We used the house sustem and I brougth my new Amp.

Their system ‘looked’ like ours but was a few notches below our top of the line Bose L1 System 2 With the B1 sub!

We had fun nonetheless and look froward to the October 19th gig.