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Jazz Duo Piano and Guitar

On May 2nd I did my final jazz Tuesday at Earls’ on Main. the week after we were replaced by a D.J. booked by a private function and the week after replaced by silence while they considered their R.O.I.  Nice… Continue Reading →

Live Jazz Gig on a Tuesday

Last Tuesday we did our 3rd Tuesday at a local establishment that doesn’t usually have music. We were contacted by Earls on Main to play as part of a wine promotion. Each time we have played, we manage a few tunes of… Continue Reading →

Christmas Playlist

Over the years I have made a number of Christmas song videos. Most of them are solo guitar versions but some are one man band videos and some with just another vocalist and some with my whole family. Here here… Continue Reading →

So, You Want To Become a Full Time Professional Musician?

Well good luck with that. Just kidding. I never wanted to be one of those “PREWS” I met when I was an up and comer that constantly told up and comers to do something else, the music business has changed,… Continue Reading →

The Economics of the Music Business at Street Level

Tackling the economics of any business is a task beyond my abilities but I am not going to address or resolve the industry here. This is merely an essay/observational on some strange things I have seen from my little corners of the… Continue Reading →

Robert Burton’s “Left Handed Christmas”

So I have released my first CD, my first solo recording and my 1st Christmas album all in one fell swoop. “Robert Burton’s Left Handed Christmas” is a collection of lesser known seasonal songs. Some Clarifications By 1st CD I mean… Continue Reading →

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