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Jazz Duo Piano and Guitar

On May 2nd I did my final jazz Tuesday at Earls’ on Main. the week after we were replaced by a D.J. booked by a private function and the week after replaced by silence while they considered their R.O.I.  Nice… Continue Reading →

From the Gig Files

I play a lot of solo guitar gigs. In my city (a small one at that) I am basically the king of solo guitar. Some can do it better on selected (transcribed) pieces but no one beats me for repertoire,… Continue Reading →

So, You Want To Become a Full Time Professional Musician?

Well good luck with that. Just kidding. I never wanted to be one of those “PREWS” I met when I was an up and comer that constantly told up and comers to do something else, the music business has changed,… Continue Reading →

The Economics of the Music Business at Street Level

Tackling the economics of any business is a task beyond my abilities but I am not going to address or resolve the industry here. This is merely an essay/observational on some strange things I have seen from my little corners of the… Continue Reading →

Robert Burton’s “Left Handed Christmas”

So I have released my first CD, my first solo recording and my 1st Christmas album all in one fell swoop. “Robert Burton’s Left Handed Christmas” is a collection of lesser known seasonal songs. Some Clarifications By 1st CD I mean… Continue Reading →

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