On August 3rd (just 2 days back from vacation) we set up to do a 60th birthday party. We had played at their wedding a few years back and wanted us there for his 60th birthday

This is something we do a lot of, private functions.
Whether it is for milestone birthdays, anniversaries, spring receptions, Christmas functions, office parties, summer events, etc. we provide elegant and varied musical content to act as  entertainment, background music and to welcome your guests.
On this occasion we played as a duo. We played many jazz and Latin standards as well as a few classic rock/popular tunes.

I used my trusty Ibanez AFJ-957. (a 7 string arch top guitar and a bit of a collectors item these days), my RC 30 looper that also has some simple drum patterns and my GT-6 effects processor. In case you think I am cheating, I mostly do solo guitar for both the vocal accompaniment and my solos. Then, to spice it up and to give  the party a different sound from a duo and give my hands a bit of a rest I will use the looper, the drum loops or sometimes both.

We run the voice through our state of the art sound system. The Bose L1 II is compact and can fill a room without being over powering even when close by!

Between sets we play appropriate music to keep the vibe going for you and your guests.

It was also a nice gig because we ran into some folks we knew.